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Kitchen Magic Believes in the Importance of Buying and Building American

Kitchen MagicKitchen Magic, Inc. was founded as an American-based company in 1979. Kitchen Magic’s founder, Jost Fleck, always made known his patriotism by prominently displaying the American flag at his business—a tradition Kitchen Magic is honored to continue. After over thirty years, Kitchen Magic still carries on its long-standing commitment to “all things American.” Kitchen Magic seeks to help improve the economy through its loyalty to those products and services “made in the USA.”


Kitchen Magic’s commitment to increasing the number of American manufacturing jobs extends to every aspect of its business. Kitchen Magic maintains fleets of American brand vehicles and purchases American-made company apparel, event displays, office equipment, and office supplies. Kitchen Magic’s belief in the importance of buying American stems from Kitchen Magic’s desire to help support the American economy. “We understand that American jobs outsourced abroad almost never return to American soil,” explains Kitchen Magic President Brett Bacho.


Kitchen Magic’s conviction to support American industry, of course, is reflected in its manufacturing operations even as the company continues to grow. Kitchen Magic currently produces over forty kitchens a week and offers service to seven states in the Northeast. As a family-run company, Kitchen Magic ensures that its manufacturing and purchase of goods remain on American soil.


A homeowner favorite and leader in custom refacing, handcrafted cabinetry, and luxury countertops in the Northeast, Kitchen Magic moved into its current facility location in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, in 2010. The new Kitchen Magic headquarters serves as a home not only to the company’s main offices but to its expanded, state of the art factory as well.


From the factory location and showroom itself, to the contractors, vendors, staff members, and customers, Kitchen Magic values American-run companies and American-made products and services. Kitchen Magic nurtures long-standing personal relationships with local American homeowners by displaying American patriotism and supporting American-based manufacturing jobs, ‘made in the USA’ products, and steadfast loyalty to the American community.


Kitchen Magic was founded in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in 1979 by Jost and Reine Fleck. Today, Kitchen Magic continues to be family-owned and operated now in the second generation. Kitchen Magic is the largest specialty refacing and kitchen and bath remodeling company in the Northeast, serving NJ, PA, NY, CT, MA, NH, DE, and RI. Kitchen Magic’s headquarters and manufacturing operations are located in Nazareth, PA, and the ‘Kitchen Magic family’ is comprised of over two hundred and fifty employees.

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